The SMARTTECH3D med scanner is a response to the growing demands of the health and safety sectors. It works with the safest white structural light measuring technology and the result of that measurement allows for quick planning of operations, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions or creation of visualization. Thanks to its versatile application, it can soon become the basic equipment of hospitals or clinics.

In the last few years, SMARTTECH has participated in many interesting projects related to medicine. One of the hospitals decided to design a way to measure wound area, measure its exact shape and depth, and calculate the volume of raw material that should be used to fill the cavity. Thanks to the SMARTTECH3D med scanner, the examination took place in a patient-safe, non-invasive way and the data collected was as precise as possible. This allowed for quick planning of further treatment of the patient.

The medical 3D scanner has also been used in the planning of plastic surgery. The part that required the use of a scalpel was scanned to visualize the final result in a SMARTTECH3Dmeasure – dedicated software for 3D scanner and present it to the patient. This allows to minimize any misunderstandings and the patient feels calmer when he knows exactly what to expect.

Thanks to our innovative 3D scanners, it is now possible to quickly plan operations, perform a more accurate dimensional analysis of skin changes, faster and better to design a dedicated prosthesis or to create more real and precise visualizations. We are waiting impatiently for further interesting medical projects …