The MICRON3D COLOR 24 Mpix scanner
is a response to the growing requirements
of the archaeological and conservation industry.

The assumption was to create a 3D scanner for precise perpetual
color archiving of historic objects taking place both in 3D scanning
laboratories as well as during excavation and field work.
The MICRON 3D COLOR 24 Mpix scanner can also be effectively
used in 3D animations, computer games and 3D printing.

The MICRON3D COLOR 24 MPix scanner is equipped with
a detector with the highest resolution on the market - 24 MPix.
The combination of a very high measurement density
(up to 1000 pt / mm2) with a 24-bit color reproduction allows
documenting the smallest details like microcracks or tool marks
on the object. High resolution and accuracy allows you to obtain
information on very complex structures such as ceramic decorations,
clothes, oil paintings. The sensitive detector also allows easy
scanning of shiny and dark objects, while integration with
a shadowless lighting system gives the possibility of obtaining high
quality of the real color of the measured object.

The scanner does not require any calibration and thanks to the "plug & scan" system it can be started immediately after connecting.
Despite the use of advanced measuring technology, the use of the scanner has been simplified so that it can be operated by people
without specialist technical knowledge.

MICRON3D COLOR 24 MPix scanner has been
designed to provide the user with reliable operation
with full mobility in all conditions. The housing
and support structure of the scanner are made
of modern and durable carbon fiber resistant
to fluctuating ambient temperatures, special
solutions used inside the scanner suppress
vibrations and the interior is protected by an easy
to clean, replaceable dustproof filter.

The MICRON3D COLOR 24 MPix scanner is equipped with a standard version with dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, a stable tripod
with a gimbal mounting head, lasers allowing for easy positioning of the scanner in relation to the scanned object, as well as a transport case.
The MICRON 3D COLOR 24MPix scanner, like all SMARTTECH scanners, has the option of measuring using markers and the possibility
of integration with additional equipment: a rotary table and a shadow-free system, as well as a photogrammetric system.

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