3D scanning in industrial application

The most innovative organizations – from automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense to footwear, sporting goods, consumer goods, consumer electronics and medical equipment – rely on 3D scanning throughout the product design and development process and across the organization to accelerate time to market, cut costs, improve designs and win new business.

Gathering documentation in of existing objects allows you to recreate, upgrade, remodel, compare and inspect, existing parts as they are in real presence.

Reverse engineering is faster, easier way of  design:3dmodel

Reverse Engineering is a process of reproducing the technical documentation of the object, based on 3D scanning. Even with gaps in documentation, or even with its complete lack, you can scan existing item and gather it’s complete geometry  and surface decription. CAD modeling based on 3D scans will give you bases on which you will rely while creating new model in the most reliable way.

SMARTTECH 3D scanners do not require specialist knowledge about metrology, if there’s a CAD designer in your company, he will easily fit to our 3D scanning technologies. Due to comprehensive training during implementation: all procedures and metrological aspects will be discussed and explained.  automotive


kontrolajQuality inspection of the most complex and structured objects.

3D scanning is describing existing parts as they are, with metrological defined accuracy. Having poincloud with coordinates that is exactly as the real object, allows you to provide the inspection by comparing describing reality, pointlcoud to IDEAL never existing CAD model.

SMARTTECH 3D scanner gathers the most dense point clouds that describes scanned objects with it’s smallest details that might be crucial deviation that might cause part malfunction.

The way between finishing CAD model is influenced by production factors of a method, conditions and material.

SMARTTECH 3D scanners will help you to control your product on every stage.

Unique resolution and certified accuracy makes SMARTTECH 3D scanner the best solution for your industrial business.

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For industry applications SMARTTECH offer systems:


 robo2        ROBOTIZED

micron        MICRON3D GREEN


dual           scan3D DUAL VOLUME

qualify          scan3D qualify

surface          scan3D surface

universe          scan3D UNIVERSE


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