Visit us at KOFAS 2017 in South Korea to see 3D scanner dedicated to industry

SMARTTECH together with its South Korean Distributor, the KAIS Company, will be presenting the 3D scanning technology dedicated to industry at KOFAS 2017. Industrial fairs are the best possible place to demonstrate one of the most precise invention – MICRON3D green – designed for reverse engineering, quality control and rapid prototyping.

MICRON3D green is a professional measurement system with 0,07mm accuracy for 600x800cm measurement volume. The devices uses green LED light technology that increase accuracy up to 30% compared to older methods of measurement using the white light. The professional factory calibration of the MICRON3D green is certified by a manufacturer in accordance with the German VDI/VDE 2634 standard.

The scanner was designed to work in difficult environment. The reliable housing of the scanner is made of carbon fiber, which guarantees stable and high quality measurements regardless of temperatures changes. The housing is also able to mitigate vibrations thanks to the use of the internal shock absorber system. The protection of the delicate interiors is provided by a filter.

A new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software allows to work with over 300 million points at comfortable 5 frames per second. In addition, the ability to select an automated measurement in STL triangles grid minimizes scanner’s operator involvement in post-processing. The new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 control module provides the ability to create a complete 3D model and analyze its cross-section.

Visit us between 13 and 16 June at C-18 booth at KOFAS 2017 in Changwon, South Korea, to see the newest inventions dedicated to the industrial measurement!

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