VIETNAM CAD/CAM TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD becomes SMARTTECH Optical Measurement Systems Reseller

VIETNAM CAD/CAM TECHNOLOGY 3D have been appointed as an official distributor for SMARTTECH range of 3D scanners in territory of Vietnam.

An established industrial solution provider and reverse engineering specialist, Vietnam Cad Cam Technology  have added the 3D scanners line to their extensive product line. Having their headquarter at Ha Noi offer the full sale and service of the SMARTTECH 3D scanners.logocadcam

Managing Director of CAD CAM Technology – Nguyen The Long sees the deal positively. Commenting last week – ‘The expansion of our business into 3D scanners is a natural progression. We are already inspect many components and our customers are regularly asking us if we can scan, reverse engineer and finish by complex CAD model; this means we can truly close the loop in the rapid prototyping process.’green light technology

CAD CAM Technology have taken delivery of a MICRON 10Mpix 3D scanner, the most advanced 3D scanning system that can digitize the objects up to 600×400 mm in a single shot. This scanner will enable the full sales and support of 3D scanning in Vietnam. In fact the interest generated already has a number company’s testing the system for their industries.

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