The use of new SMARTTECH scanning technology in forensics

Securing footprints in forensics is not easy task. Traditional methods can damage footprints or not provide enough precision to secure details. SMARTTECH company decided to check application of 3D scanning technology in securing footprints. MICRON3D green 3D scanner was used to do this task as it uses green LED light, which allows to do very precise measurement. MICRON3D green can also works in the most extreme conditions.

The study was conducted in January at a temperature of -3 ° C. At first, a snowy trail was covered with a thin layer of dry powder, thus preventing reflections of light. The single-measurement method was used to do six scans from different perspectives. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software provided accurate data in the form of point cloud. For more details, see the case study below.

We would also like to invite for EUROPOLTECH 2017 fair in Gdańsk between 26th and 28th April where we will show 3D scanning technology in practice. The International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services EUROPOLTECH is Poland’s most important trade event dedicated to law enforcement and special services. This highly-specialised show is organized by the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. in close partnership with the General Headquarters of the Polish Police and in collaboration with the Poland’s national security services, Special Operations and Military Gendarmerie.

Read the case study
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