The SMARTTECH 3D scanners scan national heritage at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw with over 400 points on a single square millimeter.

SMARTTECH_SKANOWANIE CSW_2 ‘The scanning of these works was an incredible experience for us.’ – explains Marcin Dębek, a specialist for 3D scanning in archeology. – ‘The shape and the material from which the objects were made were very diverse – narrow cavities and sharp edges as well as very dark areas required the scanner not only to have a highly sensitive detector but also the highest sampling density. On the other hand, the scanner had to have a certain level of accuracy required by the museum management and the digitization needed to be done within a specific time frame.
Detector with a 24 megapixel resolution assured the sampling density of over 400 points per square millimetre with an accuracy equivalent to half of the average thickness of a human hair.’SMARTTECH_SKANOWANIE CSW_1

SMARTTECH_SKANOWANIE CSW The material the objects were made of, being so dark and with glossy elements that strongly reflect light, makes it impossible to scan for many digitization solutions. Obviously, the possibility of covering the object with any matting solution was not on the table. The MICRON3D color, with its very sensitive detector and the ability to adjust light intensity, was able to perform the scanning of this kind of objects and providing results that didn’t require further processing in specialized software.

Watch a video about the digitization of works of art.

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