The MICRON3D green – industrial 3D scanner at the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw.

The Mechatronics and aerospace engineering department is not only one of the most prestigious faculties for young engineers It’s also one of the most innovate research workshop in eastern Europe.

Created in 1961 department is equipped with 3D printers (also huge one to print in prototype in metal) and RE and QC software. It is also authorized Autodesk training center. Recently they expanded their teaching abilities on 3D scanning with SMARTTECH 3D scanner that was delivered with 20 licenses of the most advanced software for reverse engineering – Geomagic Design X .

The SMARTTECH 3D scanners where chosen because of ease of use caused by eliminated need of 3D scanner calibration as well the certified accuracy of 0,04mm .

The faculty of Mechatronics and Aerospace engineering is also another participant of a program dedicated to educational and research units – SMARTTECH 3Dedu. The program is based on partnership in mutual promotion as well as in research field. SMARTTECH supported the participant with 20 free of charge licenses of SMARTTECH 3D measure software that will be used to teach as well as in metrology research. Despite of that the lecturers can count on two year software maintenance and technical support.


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