The 3D scanning of Robert Lewandowski in order to break the Guinness world record.

smarttech_robert_lewandowski-1The world-class soccer player – Robert Lewandowski – was scanned using a SMARTTECH 3D scanner in order to 3D print a 3 meter-tall statue, the tallest 3D printed object, beating the previous Guinness record holder.

The world’s tallest 3D printed object was presented at the 3D Printing Days (Warsaw Expo XXI, 29-30 September). During the first day of the fair trade, all the visitors could see the attempt to beat the Guinness record.

The monumental 3D printed statue of the striker of the Polish soccer team – Robert Lewandowski – was placed on the floor of the exhibition hall. The figure was created using the 3D printing technology. Measuring over three meters in height, the statue is over a meter taller than the previous record holder – the replica of the famous television presenter, Jon Bentley, which measured 2,05 m.robert-lewandowski-skanowanie-3d

This spectacular project is the effect of the work of 5 institutions and companies. It is coordinated by FabLab Kielce, which will also be the one applying for the Guinness record. FabLab was also performing the post-processing and preparing the source files for 3D printing.

The 3D scanning of Robert Lewandowski was performed by the company SMARTTECH – a Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners. The company recently introduced in its portfolio a 3D scanner dedicated for the medical sector used for the measurement of live organisms. Repeatedly used in medicine for the measurement of human posture, the skin area and during the planning of operations, the 3D scanner was this time used for an entirely different purpose.

skanowanie3d_robert_lewandowski_2-574x1024smarttech_robert_lewandowski_2By using a 3D scanner dedicated for the medical industry, we were able to very quickly obtain detailed information about the shape of the body of Robert. There was no room for mistakes since even the smallest of details would be exposed during the process of enlargement and adjustment of the shape of the human in order to be able to 3D print it. Our medical 3D scanners enable us to scan the surface of the human body in just 0,7 second, providing not only information on the shape but also the colour of the scanned surface – said Anna Gębarska, the Managing Director of SMARTTECH.

The 3D printing of all elements took over 350 hours.

The company SUPEREXPO.COM managed the media coverage of the entire project, and the official partner of the project was the Institute of Design Kielce.

The key to the success of the whole project was the coordination of all activities in such a way as to fit in the Robert Lewandowski’s busy schedule, and on the other hand to finish everything before the 3D Printing Days.

The record was broken on the 29th of September 2016, at 2:00 p.m

About partners of this event:

Fab Lab Kielce – Established as an association in 2013 as a new technologies provider for inexperienced user. FabLab Kielce is also one of the best places to support small companies by giving them an access to the latest technologies. Visit to read more.

3D Printing Days – First Polish periodic event dedicated to 3D technologes. First Edition was held in 2013 as a part of the biggest event dedicated to machine tools. Currently as independent exhibition, held twice a year connects hundreds of suppliers to thousands of visitors. Read more about 3D Printing Days.

More pictures from the event.

skanowanie3d_robert_lewandowski_2-574x1024smarttech_robert_lewandowski2 robert-lewandowski-skanowanie-3d_rekord4 smarttech_robert_lewandowski_2 smarttech_robert_lewandowski-1

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