New features

  • Module of the control – new module allow users to provide some point cloud and mesh analysis such as Area and Volume of triangle mesh, Cross section and 2D Dimensioning.
  • New format of the project – new format *.S3Dm 1.1 has been created due to internal changes in algorithms of the software. The project saved in the previous *.S3Dm 1.0 format can be opened in the new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017.
  • Import/Export texture of the cloud – new option allow users to import and export the texture of the point cloud in common formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG) and edit files in easy way. This new option works for the scans, which comes directly from the scanning process (without any saving as the point cloud) or for already saved S3Dm 1.1 projects.

New enhancements

  • Overlaps removing – new algorithm to remove the overlaps now consider points from all clouds.
  • Ended support for a Mesh3D plugin – now SMARTTECH3Dmeasure has all main functions of Mesh3D plugin, so supporting the plugin is no longer necessary.
  • Symmetrical measurement – additional option for rotate measurement has been added. New option allows to scan an object symmetrical from the starting positions.


  • Bug fixing
  • Performance improvements

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure is 64 bit software dedicated to control SMARTTECH 3D scanner.logo_measure_fin

poduszkaThe newest version of the software, provided with every SMARTTECH 3D scanner, not only allows you to scan using a rotary stage and reference markers but it also gives you the ability to acquire the natural colour of objects with dark colour or reflective surface. The colour can be then mapped on the object’s geometry – an operation that is very hard or even impossible to perform for other 3D scanners.


Given the large amount of data acquired by SMARTTECH 3D scanners, the software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure (S3Dm) is the only one available on the market allowing you smooth workflow (5 fps) when working with point clouds with above 300 000 000 points. This is thanks to the new, entirely rebuilt, multi-threaded computing algorithm which uses 100% of the workstation’s potential.

The intuitive interface allows you to move around the program with ease, explaining the function of buttons with illumination.

Selection of point clouds with manual tools, such as lasso, brush, polygon, is always at hand on the right side of the screen.measure

The software licence provided with the 3D scanner enables advanced processing of the data obtained from the 3D scanner also with automatic tools, through a proper selection of points algorithm: the position of points relative to the measuring head, the points’ colour, size of the group of points or the point distance from the main cloud.

With advanced alignment functions the user can intuitively merge single scans using the method on 3 points by selecting the common places on separate point clouds or globally when the single point clouds are already pre-aligned on a rotary stage.

Very importantly – the new S3Dm enables an automatic conversion of a point cloud into a triangle mesh with an STL format. It can be then exported to any software in order to 3D print it.

The software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure also allows for the processing of a triangle mesh. You can fill any holes or remove unnecessary triangles that might appear after the conversion.

Taking into consideration the huge need for fast scanning for quality control, SMARTTECH added an automation function that enables the user to automatically obtain a triangle mesh directly from the scanned object without any input from the user.

Expanding the functionality even further, SMARTTECH implemented into the software the ability to measure the distance between points, check the surface area of a triangle mesh as well as to perform a cross-section and flatness analysis.


The software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2017 is provided with every SMARTTECH 3D scanner.

List of new functionalities of the software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2017, divided into modules:

3D Scanning module:

  • single measurementSMARTTECH3Dmeasure
  • measurement on a rotary stage
  • measurement with reference markers
  • LiveView mode
  • ability to adjust the measurement to environmental conditions
  • optional refreshment of 3D scanner’s calibration

An easy-to-use software protection USB dongle.

  • A portable USB dongle enables the installation of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure on an unlimited number of computers. It allows the user to have the software on many computers and to activate the software on any given workstation by inserting the USB dongle without needing to transfer the licence.

Point Cloud Editing module

  • manual selection of points in a cloud using: lasso, brush, rectangle, ellipse, polygon
  • automatic selection of points in a cloud
  • simplifying the point cloud (homogeneous or adaptive – based on curvature)

Triangle Mesh Generation and Editing module

  • automatic and manual hole filling
  • reversing the normal vectors
  • smoothing out the triangle mesh
  • creating a triangle mesh with an automatically mapped texture
  • export of the triangle mesh in an .STL or .OBJ format

Analysis and Measurement moduleSMARTTECH3Dmeasure2

  • calculating the distance between points in a cloud
  • calculating the surface area on a triangle mesh
  • visualization of the deviations through the alignment of the sphere or plane
  • generation of 2D cross-sections



Automation module

  • creating a series of automatic operations – MAKRO
  • saving the SMARTTECH tree of operations


See the movie presenting new possibilities:

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