plug-in for Geomagic Control

SMARTTECH3Dplugin_for_geomagic_controlGeomagic Control Plugin is dedicated to people who would like to stay with the 3D measurement and  provide the inspection in a single software, without exporting point cloud from SMARTTECH 3D software.  It has all functions to provide 3D scanning  with SMARTTECH 3D scanners like single scan, measurement with rotary stage and positioning markers.

Point cloud is visualized directly on geomagic display panel, and can be further transformed to triangle mesh using the most advanced algorithms that can be randomly processed using all geomagic features.


Intuitive plugin interface was adjusted to geomagic menu and requires no additional knowledge from the  end-user. All options are explained with highlighted information. Installation is simple and software is ready to use directly after pasting dedicated folder to geomagic path.SMARTTECH Geomagic Control Plugin4

After measurement you are able to provide (among the others):

– Cloud of points post processing for over 100 000 000 points

– Automate cloud of points merging

– Automate triangle mesh creation

– Automate triangle mesh filling using surface curves

– Exact quality control process based on comparing scanned data to referential CAD documentation

– Automatically create 3D map of Deviations

– Possibility to receive information about the deviation at exact point

– Possibility to record MACRO (quality control process script)

– Automate saving the operation tree in the software and automate description in measurement control report – including pdf3D object

– Creating characteristic geometric features of the object (surfaces, spheres, cylinders etc.)

– Creating the dimensional documentation in 2D and 3D.

SMARTTECH Geomagic Control PluginPlugin is available completely  free of charge to all SMARTTECH 3D scanners users. (under active maintenance)

Contact us or your local reseller to get your measurement and inspection software.


Watch the movie presenting it’s possibilities


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