Geomagic Design

LDWith comprehensive 3D CAD tools for design, engineering and preparation for manufacturing, Geomagic Design empowers rapid, accurate product development in an easy-to-use environment.

At a highly affordable price point, Geomagic Design delivers top-end tools at lower cost, including comprehensive assembly, parametric and direct editing tools, 2D documentation, sheet metal design, motion analysis and integrated CAD data sharing tools.



Get to Market Faster

Empowering your business to get to production faster is crucial. Geomagic Design delivers efficiency from your first idea sketch to making product brochures to tracking orders. It’s an all-in-one solution streamlined to help you deliver.



Make Better Products

Turning ideas into the best products is why you’re in business whether that means making them lighter, faster, stronger, less costly, more beautiful, less wasteful, or all of the above. Geomagic Design’s creation environment provides you the tools to design, analyze and refine your product until it’s perfect.


 Achieve Lower Development Costs

No more fighting your design environment. Geomagic Design works with your engineering, marketing, sales and management teams. Benefit from incredible ease of use that boosts productivity without sacrificing power. Design, communicate and iterate more easily and faster than ever before Need a part to fit within an existing design? Scan it and design around it.


pushpull.jpgLearn and Work as Fast as You Think

Every aspect of Geomagic Design’s interface is purpose-built for speed. Applicable commands appear at the mouse when you need them. The customizable interface, environment and hotkeys let you work the way you want. Create and modify with ease. The interface is rich with helpful, visual tips on what various tools do and how to use them. You’ll be productive in hours, not months


3D Model Creation

Create full 3D digital prototypes of your products. Make assemblies fast with easy constraint creation, and see how your assembly will move and interact before producing physical prototypes. Instantly find out important physical details such as weight, moment of inertia and volume. Create intelligent files that house entire families of similar parts. A huge part library with standard components lets you focus on innovation rather than rework.

2D Documentation

Rich, powerful and efficient, Geomagic Design’s overhauled 2D drafting tools enable comprehensive detailing of your digital prototypes for manufacturing -ready documentation. Automation tools, such as the dimension cleanup wizard, place your dimensions perfectly. A greatly expanded detailing and view creation toolset makes 2D documentation a breeze.

Create Large Assemblies

Create designs with thousands of components. Geomagic Design has the power to create almost any product you can think of. Sheet Metal Design Designing components that are created from sheet metal requires a unique toolset. Geomagic Design’s dedicated sheet metal module can tackle complex sheet metal designs with ease. From basic enclosures to complex lofted transitions, the software provides the dedicated tools you need. Powerful conversion tools turn regular parts or imported parts into native, unfoldable sheet metal parts with an easy wizard-style interface.

Infinitely Customizable Part Creation

Create flexible designs that can be reused and customized using Global Parameters. Design a part one time, and re-parameterize it to fit your custom-fit application.


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