SMARTTECH’s 3D scanning technology used by ABB.

At the end of 2015 SMARTTECH company implemented their 3D scanning technologies to global leader in power and automation technologies – ABB – which is  one of the most innovate solution provider in the world.  Polish branch of ABB –  Research and DevelopmentDepartment –  has a significant influence on increasing the international efficiency and quality of  ABB products.

abbSMARTTECH has provided the 3D scanning services in order to recreate the CAD documentation of an technical objects with overall size of 10x8x10 cm. The object with highly complicated geometry required highest accuracy and resolution standards.  Scan3D surface (3d scanner) used for this service was certified in independent measurement laboratory that assured the scanned  data reliability. Resolution of 10 Megapixel allowed to receive very detailed data.  Gathered cloud of points was transformed to triangle mesh using latest version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure, than  3D  mesh was exported to the  most advanced software to create CAD model from scan data – Geomagic Design X.

ABB was informed about every progress of data processing, what helped not only in establishing good relation but also helped in understanding customers’ demands.

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After receiving CAD model ABB expressed their satisfaction by issuing the reference letter where they recommend SMARTTECH to  all who consider  any cooperation.


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