SMARTTECH – a sponsor of the Second International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology. Ghent, Belgium.

Between the 21-25 of March 2016 the Second International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology will take place at the Ghent University. The company, SMARTTECH, as one of the main sponsors is going to support the university and its employees in organising the conference. The event is very important for the development of cultural heritage protection. The manufacturer of the 3D scanners will present its equipment created for digitization and measurement of museum and archeological objects. The 3D scanners have proven to be a very useful tool for modern conservation methods.

SMARTTECH_sponsr_konferencji_ghentHistorically, the preservation of works of art was based on the skills of the craftsman. The contribution of new technologies and the development of the natural sciences, mainly in the field of chemistry and physics, allows us to start a new era of cultural heritage protection. Those sciences contribute to a deeper understanding of historical and cultural artefacts and allow to recognise certain aspects of relics more accurately, mainly connected to the origin and chronology.

The main goal of the conference is to connect the humanities with the latest technological solutions. SMARTTECH as a manufacturer of high-end 3D scanners neatly fits into the theme of the symposium. The Archaeometry Laboratory at the Ghent University, realising the potential of three-dimensional research, also decided to supply itself last year, with the highest quality SMARTTECH 3D scanner. It allows the user to conduct very high-precision measurements.


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