SMARTTECH received a grant from the European Union for export development

Thanks to Go to Brand program, SMARTTECH has received a grant to support promotion and export activities.

One of the goals of the Go to Brand program is to promote Polish brands with the highest potential for gaining international recognition to create a strong position of Poland on foreign markets. The activities of Go to Brand program include the internalization of Polish enterprises and the increase of innovativeness of the Polish economy.

SMARTTECH with its hi-tech products perfectly fits to European Union program, so the company received a grant of half million of Polish zloty. Funds will be spent on export development and promotional activities abroad.

Acquired grant is a great success as it demonstrates the potential of SMARTTECH and the high saturation of the knowledge produced by the company. Only the most innovative companies conducting active research are able to qualify for the program and jointly create the Brands of the Polish Economy with the support of the Ministry of Development and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

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