SMARTTECH has provided a quality control solution to switchgear manufacturer

ZPUE is one of the leading electrical switchgear manufacturers who provides energy suppliers, industrial facilities, developers and other customers with high-tech solutions customizable solutions configured in accordance with their requirements. Due to the increasing challenges, such as the modernization of the electricity network or the increase of production capacity, ZPUE contacted SMARTTECH in search for the best optical solution dedicated to quality control.

The Polish manufacturer needed an optical measuring system to inspect the manufactured parts from tiny nuts to over meter shafts. In addition there was a problem with the lack of technical documentation of some missing components.

High accuracy of the measurement

Optical scan3D qualify 10 MPix is a device to simplify the quality control process in the demanding energy sector. scan3D qualify 10 MPix can also be used in design and reverse engineering. The volume of 400 mm x 300 mm x 310 mm with a precision of 0.06 mm makes it possible to carry out a detailed inspection.

The factory calibration of scan3D qualify 10 MPix shortens the 3D scanning process and protect against incorrect configuration that may affect the results. It’s also worth to note that the device is certified by a manufacturer in accordance with the German VDI/VDE 2634 standard. The measurement accuracy can also be confirmed with a certificate by an independent certified measurement laboratory.

Quality control and reverse engineering

Geomagic Control and Geomagic Design X software is also included in the measurement solution. The installation, initial commissioning and professional training including 3D scanner and software support are also provided.

The implemented device will enable employees of ZPUE to improve the quality control of the produced parts and to reproduce the technical documentation thanks to Geomagic Design X software.

ZPUE is fully satisfied with the wide range of capabilities offered by SMARTTECH 3D scanners. We encourage to read the testimonial below.

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