SMARTTECH Modern 3D scanning technologies in service for blind

For some time, There is a fantastic trend to create 3D models, of the most important Polish places and monuments in such a way that a sightless people are able to get to know their shape. Steel castings of, buildings , monuments and cityplans that blind people can touch can be found basically in every major city.

Such casting was created also in Gdynia, It presents the most well known Polish Battleship – ORP Blyskawica.

The Ship significantly influenced the course of World War II, making a spectacular action on the seas around the world.

Currently it is docked as a museum ship in Gdynia as a place where visitors can learn about the history of Polish navy. Inside the museum audience can watch the most detailed “Blyskawica” model made of paper.

By using it’s 3D scanner SMARTTECH was able to obtain a comprehensive documentation of the model that was used to create the mold.

Paper mock-up  is very accurate. It retained the smallest details not only the technical equipment as the launch but also rigging, flags and portholes. In order to obtain accurately the full geometry SMARTTECH had to use the 3D scanner with very high resolution. The Company used 3D scanner designed for museum application that provide simultaneous measurement of the shape and texture – ScanBright archeo with resolution of 10 megapixels.

The whole process of 3D scanning took about four hours, while creating  a CAD model took engineers about a month. This is a very noble project – says Alexandra Sudowska – Marketing Manager at SMARTTECH – ORP Błyskawica is one of the main attractions of Polish coast. The possibility of making it available also to those who cannot see it, is a great honor and pleasure. We are pleased that our technology of 3D scanning has enabled the realization of this casting.


The idea of the “Blyskawica” casting for the blind, was raised repeatedly by the initiators – Gdynia OPEC and the Rotary Club. Unfortunately, just a modeling of the ship would be too costly and time consuming. Therefore, thanks to the SMARTTECH activity – which undertook the task within its own contribution, of creating a documentation based on the geometry of the ship paper mock-up – the project could be implemented.

The official unveiling of the cast took place on 26th on the vicinity of the original ship.

It ‘s the fourth casting after St. Mary’s Church, and Gdansk Crane , and Gdansk Arena Stadium of the project “Let’s help to see the world with your hands” carried out by the Rotary Club of Gdynia.


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