SMARTTECH in archaeology and museology – half-year summary.

The company SMARTTECH, as the leading manufacturer of 3D scanners dedicated to the digitization of works of art and archaeological findings, has been involved for many years in efforts to raise awareness of new technologies among scientists and researchers around the world. Thanks to the company’s collaboration with archaeologists and research institutes it is becoming easier to talk to SMARTTECH specialists during many scientific conferences about 3D documentation and its application in their work.

In the last 6 months there have been many conferences and symposiums on innovative research in which SMARTTECH participated, both in Poland and abroad. Below is a short mention about a few of those events.

Between the 21-25 of March of this year the Ghent University in Belgium organised the 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Art and Technology – InArt. The event was devoted to new research technologies used in the analysis and documentation of works of art (more about the conference here: ). The company SMARTTECH, which collaborates with the Department of Archaeology at the university, also took part in the gathering, allowing participants to see the 3D scanner in action.

SMARTTECH_KONFERENCJA_UW4The Laboratory of 3D Scanners at the Institute of Archaeology at the Warsaw University, together with SMARTTECH, organised on the 20th of April, a seminar “Naukowa Dokumentacja Trójwymiarowa” [Scientific 3D Documentation]. During the event the participants could learn about the newest technological solutions and the results of the research conducted using SMARTTECH 3D scanners. It was also the place where the company SMARTTECH announced the release of its newest version of the software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure dedicated to advanced post-processing of the scanning results.

SMARTTECH_NOC_MUZEUMThe collaboration with the Warsaw University isn’t only restricted to taking part in conferences and symposiums. During the Night of Museums 2016 that happened on the Saturday of 14th of May, it was possible to meet SMARTTECH specialists, who were scanning visitors with their newest, super-fast 3D scanner scan3D med.

KONFERENCJA_GDANSKDuring the conference „Sea of Data” organised by CAA Poland (Computer Applications & Quantitive Methods in Archaeology) between 1-3 of June, at one of the sessions you could hear the SMARTTECH representative speaking about 3D scanning as the future of digitization of moveable objects of cultural heritage. The entire symposium was devoted to the presentation of the newest research on the application of innovative technologies in archaeology and other historical fields (more about the conference:

LBKIn the past half-year SMARTTECH also established cooperation with the company LeaderTek, which was interested in 3D scanning solutions for museology. As part of that collaboration the company LeaderTek acquired a 3D scanner MICRON3D 24 MPix color, specifically designed for specialists in archaeology and conservation.

SMARTTECH presentations are always met with great interest and engagement in the scientific and research communities. The scientists can see wide possibilities of application of SMARTTECH 3D scanners. Thanks to the results in the form of point clouds, it is possible to document even the tiniest of traces on an object.

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