SMARTTECH presented a new metrologically-certified and budget-friendly scanning solution at Hannover Messe.

The world premiere of the latest SMARTTECH device didn’t gone unnoticed. It was created to meet the demands of the customers who, because of the budget constrains, were not able until now to purchase a professional 3D scanner.

Up until this point smaller companies that wanted to obtain geometric documentation of existing objects had to use the services of external scanning service companies. This was particularly expensive when there were more objects that needed to be scanned. The only other option for them was to purchase a scanner which accuracy and referentiality of the results was not reliable.

SMARTTECH decided to enter this part of market that exists between cheap solutions useful for visualisations and entertainment and professional measuring devices by providing an accurate and – what’s most important – metrologically-certified 3D scanner.

As a manufacturer operating in the area of new technologies we have to be 

flexible. – says Anna Gębarska, Managing Director of SMARTTECH. – The 3D scanning market is still crystallizing. Many companies deciding to buy a scanner do not know exactly what they are going to use them for. By offering our solution from the lower price range – the device doesn’t force you to make a large investment and at the same time we provide a solution which is classified as a measuring device. This device provides you a scanning result, which is able to represent the real object with a certain defined accuracy. A virtual model obtained using this solution allows you to avoid any analysis of the real objects, as is necessary with traditional contact measurement methods, which is why it is so important to have a precise scan of the object.

The technical parameters of the scanner correspond with the requirements of the majority of users working in the industrial and design sectors which provide solutions for example for the automotive industry.

The scanner UNIVERSE SP was first presented at Hannover Messe on the Polish national stand as a product representing Poland’s innovative technological solutions and gathering huge interest among the visitors.

The price of this solution starts at 9900 EUR which is the best price on the market considering the price and the achieved results.


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