SMARTTECH 3D scanner used in the creation of KRONES production lines

Krones is a global supplier of the best automatic production lines for filling and packaging. The main North American engineering center is located in Franklin, Wisconsin.

The machine park of Krones Corporation has expanded with the recently purchased 3D scanner SMARTTECH UNIVERSE 5Mpix.

The specificity of Krones can be discussed in the example of a bottled beer production line where the entire technological process is focused on the bottle.Each project starts with the creation of a bottle prototype to which beer will be poured in this case. Then, a range of equipment is selected for particular applications that will create a unique production line.

Krones engineers, unfortunately, encounter many technological and designer barriers on their way.Each client wants his packaging to have an original look and high quality. By executing the physical prototype model that has been accepted by the client, specialists at a later stage must move it to the digital world to perform the appropriate production forms, and at a later stage also be able to perform quality control.That is why Krones has always wanted to find a way to quickly and accuratelyobtain information about a physical bottle.

In the past, measurements were made by using a laser arm. This process, however, took a long time and was troublesome due to the number of measurements that needed to be made with the arm to be able to obtain a digital model of the object. After the decision to change technology, Krones began the process of searching for many different methods of defining the bottles.Krones invited producers of 3D scanners to make demonstrative measurements of packaging and present the advantages of their technologies.


Among the invited guests was INTO3D representative distributor of SMARTTECH, a Polish producer of 3D scanners on the US market. Engineers made a demonstration of measuring several bottles. 3D scanning was carried out on site at the Krones factory. A SMARTTECH UNIVERSE 5Mpix scanner was used for all measurements. Krones was looking for the most advantageous option of increasing throughput while reducing the work of engineers and better accuracy of the obtained models. The ease and speed of the scanning process (thanks to automated rotary stage) and the ability to generate IGES files finally led to the conclusion of a contract for the supply of a 3D scanner from SMARTTECH company.

After the implementation of the 3D scanner in the design process, the estimated throughput and accuracy doubled compared to the previous method.

Another aspect in which 3D scanners turned out to be helpful where the errors on the production line. Even a small change in the shape of the bottle is associated with the risk of errors on the production line. The refore, the decision was made to carry out bottle geometry checks by scanning the sample bottle from each batch. The scanned sample was compared with a CAD model, and thanks to the useof Geomagic Control X software, all changes were presented using a color deviation map. This same, the 3D scanner gained an additional application that previously engineers did not assume.

Quality and competitiveness of the SMARTTECH measurement technology was confirmed in the attached testimonial.

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The company for 18 years has been engaged in the production and sales of specializes 3D scanners. SMARTTECH is constantly developing its products adapting them to various industries, such as manufacturing, medicine or archaeology. With numerous international distributors the company has global sales on all continents from both Americas, through Europe, all the way to Asia.

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Krones AG – the world’s leading  manufacturer of equipment for bottling and packaging of beverages and liquid food products as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products in glass bottles, PET bottles and cans.

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