SMARTTECH 3D scanners in Aerospace industry

In order to evolve the hardware of their aerospace engines, MTU is experimenting with the process of Structured Light 3D scanning, a method that uses fringe projection technology.

Polish MTU team claims to be constantly pushing the envelope for potential 3D scanning application, using the measurement capabilities SMARTTECH to create 3D CAD . “We realized the work with MTU would benefit research into SCAN-based CAD modeling in its entirety, not just in terms of aerospace capabilities,” explains SMARTTECH  R&D Director Mr. Jasinski. “We learned a lot from the project in terms of how much farther we could push our 3D scanning technology to succeed in greater areas.SMARTTECH_in aerospace industry

MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. The company engages in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and stationary gas turbines. Operating affiliates all over the world, MTU has a local presence in major regions and markets.

SMARTTECH provided 3D scanning services for MTU using certified in independent measurement laboratory 3D scanner, with high resolution of 10Mpix what was necessary to gather all details of very complex engine geometry.  Gathered scans were used to provide CAD modeling  in the most advanced program for Industrial Design – GEOMAGIC DESIGN X.

SMARTTECH_MTU Jasionka_1Moreover – certified by independent measurement laboratory 3D scanner provided referential results so Engine Producer was assured about received results what was actually approved in practice.

Cooperation with polish branch of this international engine manufacturer allowed us to take another step in providing 3D scanning technologies in Aerospace Market.



Below you can read Referential Letter we get from MTU Poland that proves SMARTTECH reliability.


MTU referencje




MTU Aero Engines Polska Sp. z o.o. hereby confirm that it cooperated with SMARTTECH sp. z o.o. in terms of 3D scanning and 3D modeling services.
SMARTTECH presented it’s professionalism and reliability, during 3D measurement of a complex object, and provided full 3D CAD documentation based on their scans.
Thanks of using highest quality 3D scanner and team of experienced SMARTTECH Engineers, service was done without any objections.
Additional advantage it was to use in this process; certified by independent Laboratory, measurement device.
Professionalism and high quality of services provided by SMARTTECH, allows us to recommend it to other companies as solid and reliable partner.




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