SMARTTECH 3D scanners are the best solution for Polish Army

Great success! SMARTTECH will supply the Polish Army with 3D Scanner and all necessary instrumentation. The value of the order is 250 000 euro.

SMARTTECH will soon provide one of its newest 3D scanners to the Military Police. The Warsaw Military Security Branch bought the optical measuring system MICRON3D color 24 Mpix.

The 3D scanner will be used to archive 3D models of used bullet shells. Each firearm leaves its individual mark on the shell, making it possible to accurately match the shell to a particular weapon. In addition, the virtual model of the projectile allows to make ballistic tests, check the air resistance and impact force of the object.

The Military Gendarmerie thanks to the use of metrological system MICRON3D color 24 Mpix intends to archive shells coming from firearm exercising. Thanks to the complexity of data obtained from the 3D model, it will always be possible to match the shell to a particular weapon, and thus also to the shooter, which can, for example, help in the allocation of ammunition allowances.

Such tasks require a high resolution 3D scanner. The 24-megapixel detector gathers 24 million of points described with XYZ coordinates and  RGB color value for each point and creates cloud of points, which describes shape and color of measured object.

Such a high resolution allows to gather accurate data of complicated structures. It’s worth to note that MICRON3D color 24Mpix detector is so sensitive that it can easily scan shiny or dark objects without losing true color of scanned surface.

A new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software allows to work with over 300 million points at comfortable 5 frames per second. In addition, the ability to select an automated measurement in STL triangles grid minimizes scanner’s operator involvement in post-processing, which is important in archaeological research and 3D printing. The new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 control module provides the ability to create a complete 3D model and analyze its cross-section.

The MICRON3D color 24 Mpix was purchased with specialized software, a 3D printer, and a repository to store data. The value of the order is 1.2 million of Polish zloty.

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