SMARTTECH 3D Optical measurement systems appoints METOS v.o.s as it’s Certified Reseller in Czech Republic and Slovakia

SMARTTECH – the only available on the market certified Optical 3D scanners producer announced today that it has added METOS v.o.s. to its fast growing global channel. As the certified distributor METOS will sell and support SMARTTECH optical 3D scanners, additional equipment and software providing complex Reverse engineering as well as quality inspection solution throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia boosting SMARTTECH 3D sales, customer relations and business logistics across the region.

Founded in 1990 having it’s headquarter in Chrudim in Czech Republic METOS is a distributor of the ExOne industrial 3D printing solution for Eastern Europe. From the very beginning of the company history they were specializing in foundry, industrial and mechanical engineering taking right technological expansion of their business profile. SMARTTECH Optical 3D scanners became a significant and symbolic step of entering new technologies to the Czech and Slovak industrial market.

Having 3D scanner as well as 3D printer in our offer we can provide the complex solution to our customers who would invest in new technologies if they want to stay in the market. I’m glad of starting the cooperation with SMARTTECH -says ing. Radek Slajs  – Metos co-owner.

Also for SMARTTECH it very important to have a distributor who will be able to present their scanning technologies in that area.

METOS was equipped with our hi-end 3D scanner MICRON3D ,heavy rotary stage and all modules of GEOMAGIC software. Having such set they can present all aspects of 3D scanning not only in heavy industry where they mostly operate but also to many different customers like museums and school – claims Mr. Kris Gebarski SMARTTECH CEO.

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