Scientific Report: Aviation Can Benefit from 3D Scanning

Warsaw University of Technology has conducted a research about application of 3D scanners in aviation. As research shows, aircraft manufacturers can benefit from using optical measurement systems by acquiring new methods to perform measurement, reverse engineering and quality control.

Researchers from Poznan University of Technology confirmed possible applications of 3D scanning technology in aviation sector. The available article presents the process of computer reconstruction of the geometry of a real object in the form of an aircraft for flatter research using reverse engineering techniques as well as advanced 3D surface modeling tools. The authors present the individual stages of the data acquisition process using a white structured-light optical scanner and processing of measurement data.

The reconstruction process was using reverse engineering techniques to acquire geometry of I-22 Iryda aircraft. During the process there were some challenges necessary to overcome, such as a size of the plane model and freeform surface of wings. The results however confirmed potential benefits of 3D scanning application.

One of the most important benefit is possibility to perform flatter research with acquired geometry. Because of high accuracy of SMARTTECH 3D scanners, the complete virtual model can be used for aeroelastic calculations. The technology is also particularly useful when there is no technical documentation of the object. The resulting three-dimensional model is fully compatible with CAD systems and can be used for further processing and numerical analysis.

Another benefit from using optical measurement systems is possibility to perform a quality control. Measurement of freeform surfaces allows to inspect every detail, which is impossible for traditional measurement methods. To read full scientific report about 3D scanners application in aviation sector please click on the link below.

Check the full scientific report below

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