SMARTTECH 3D scanning technologies are used by the Enduro-Tech – specialized motorcycle accessories producer.

skan_motoruendurotechComplex geometry of a motorcycle parts can be easily captured using the structured Light 3D scanner, providing information about geometry required to design additional accessories.
Having the 3D scanner Enduro-Tech shortens the time required to design their parts – Furthermore the designed on 3D scanned geometry prototype – fits better to the vehicle.
SMARTTECH 3D scanners collects millions of points that are the data that describes the geometry of scanned surfaces. Such cloud of points contains all necessary information about the volumes, dimensions, angles and surfaces of scanned part.
Using SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software screen-dla-gg-3Endurotech is able to receive the STL files that can be further used in CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS.
Thanks to the newest Geomagic for Solidworks plugin – the CAD modeling based on captured geometry can be provided directly in SOLIDWORKS.obraz2
Below you can watch the movie how this process was made.


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