GE Electric signs a contract with SMARTTECH for a comprehensive quality control dozens of objects into electrical outlets.

GE-logoWith the highest sampling density, available on the market (detector with a resolution of 18 megapixels) SMARTTECH 3D scanners are able to reflect very sharp edges and details of the surface of the electrical outlets. Thanks to the accuracy of the results were certified and reliable reference.  SMARTTECH scanners were the only devices with capabilities that meets the application demands.

Objects height is around 6 cm and 8 cm width. Wall thickness  reaches 0,3mm.

Having scanner with measurement volume 120×80 FOV and dector resolution of 5184 x 3456 SMARTTECH is able to receive  1866 point on one square mm that allows to provide the most advanced quality inspection.  Smaller distance between detector and  projector allows to receive     30 % deeper field of view than systems equipped with two cameras.

Each system is certified according to VDI/VDE 2634 part 2 norm, that can be additionally approved by Independent measurement laboratory what makes it referential like a standard CMM machine.


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