New SMARTTECH conference for industry and education is coming soon

SMARTTECH company is organizing new conference dedicated to industry and education. On March 15 at the SMARTTECH headquarters, meeting participants will be able to see the latest 3D technologies in the field of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

How optical measurement technology can reduce the design time? How 3D technologies can reduce production costs? These and more questions will be answered for the participants of the conference “3D technologies for industry and education”, which aims to bring the knowledge about 3D technologies closer to the participants.

The event will take place on March 15, 2018 at the headquarters of SMARTTECH, Raclawicka 30 street, Lomianki. The conference is co-organized with distributors of Markforged, Zortrax and Nikon Metrology solution.

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SMARTTECH3Dmesure v.2018 – the latest version of the S3DM software dedicated to the support of SMARTTECH 3D scanners. The program allows not only 3D scanning using a rotary table or positioning markers, but also allows you to easily combine individual scans by curvature and create a triangle mesh with a single click. With support for 300 million measurement points, SMARTTECH3Dmeasure is the only software on the market that enables smooth work on huge clouds of points.

MICRON3D green – 3D scanner designed by SMARTTECH engineers for industrial applications requiring the highest accuracy. Measurement with green light provides 30% higher accuracy in comparison with white light allowing to obtain results so precise that impossible to guarantee by traditional measurement methods. The carbon housing and filter system guarantee the possibility of working even in difficult conditions prevailing on the production hall.

scan3D UNIVERSE – a truly universal 3D scanner designed to create 3D documentation of technical, natural and museum objects. It is distinguished by compactness, convenience and simplicity of use while maintaining maximum accuracy of measurements. The device was created for mobility and to fits in a hand luggage together with a small rotating table that allows the automation of the measurement process.

Markforged X7 – efficient and intelligent 3D printer designed for printing very durable parts of fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon. Onyx, on the other hand, gives the prints a matte and perfect finish for final use in the form of a finished product. The 3D printer is designed and built to survive in a production environment. The large Markforged X7 work area makes the device ideally suited for robotics, production of car parts, prosthetics or creation of functional prototypes.

Zortrax M200 – reliable and at the same time extremely precise Zortrax M200 printer has gained the recognition of thousands of users around the world. It is a Polish construction that has been awarded for many years and recommended by industry magazines and portals. Affordable price, in exchange for which Zortrax offers extremely high quality prints makes the Zortrax M200 a 3D printer chosen by both independent designers and the company.

Robo C2 – a compact and intelligent 3D printer with Wi-Fi, which gives you the freedom to create everything you imagine straight from the Robo mobile application. Designed to fit any workplace or home. The Robo C2 has an optimal printing space of 12.5 x 12.5 x 15 cm, a 3.5″color touch display, leading printing speed, an automatically leveled table and allows you to print over 20 different materials. When you create something seriously – do it with Robo.

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