New 3d scanning LAB at University of Warsaw under SMARTTECH3D EDU program

In main building of University of Warsaw, where Institute of Archeology is located, under the SMARTTECH 3D EDU program new 3D scanning lab was officially opened. SMARTTECH supplied archeological lab with 10 new computers with installed software, that allows to provide 3D scanning and advanced data post processing. Thanks to bigger number of workstations for virtual researches, every student will have the possibility to work on his own with the 3D scanning results. Within SMARTTECH 3D EDU program we were able to upgrade on special conditions, their 3D measurement systems  that were bought almost six years ago.

Thanks to our cooperation within SMARTTECH3D EDU program, this workshop became a place to educate young archeologists in 3 Dimensional documentation, SMARTTECH, on the other hand  gained another place where all interested in 3D scanning technologies people, will be able to become familiar with it.

Opening the Lab is also the way of presenting SMARTTECH’s care, about new students by allowing them to learn innovate methods of preservation and researches.

During opening SMARTTECH’s Managing Director Mrs. Anna Gebarska and Universitie’s Department of History, represented by Dean Prof. dr, Elżbieta Zybert, signed the agreement of cooperation, which is the result of 5 year partnership in 3D scanning field.

Since 2010, when Institute of Archeology bought their first 3D scanners, SMARTTECH specialists supports archeologists from University of Warsaw in 3D scanning processes.How prof. dr. hab Wojciech Nowakowski underlines – 3D scanners becomes more and more common tool for young researchers, that gives to possibilities, which were unreachable thinking of traditional methods. Prof. Elżbieta Zybert adds: Signing this agreement  is a perfect example how to sum up long term collaboration and get equal profits of such partnership.

More about SMARTTECH3D EDU program.

More about 3D scanners for Museums and Archeology . 


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