MICRON3D color 24Mpix – scanner with the highest resolution on the market will be presented at TCT ASIA 2017 in Shanghai

TCT ASIA 2017 is the leading exhibition of 3D printing and scanning in Asia region. Trustworthy Beijing – as an Asian partner of SMARTTECH – will present, for the first time in Asia, MICRON3D color, a new 3D scanner designed for archaeology and national heritage preservation. The device will be shown with new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software.

MICRON3D color 24Mpix is a scanner with the highest resolution on the market. 24 Megapixels detector gathers 24 million of points with RGB value for each point. Points cloud describes shape and color of measured object. Thanks to such high resolution, end-user will get 400 points for a single square millimeter of measured surface for the most universal Field of View – 300x400mm.

Such high resolution allows researchers to gather the structure of clothes and other complex materials that artifacts might be made of. It is worth to note that MICRON3D color 24Mpix detector is so sensitive that it can easily scan shiny or dark objects, while gathering true color of scanned relics. Detector is available to recognize over 30 million of color described by RGB.

A new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure allows to visualize over 200 000 000 points with a comfortable speed of 5 frames per second without a risk of computer crash. Furthermore, possibility to choose automate STL data extension minimizes end-user’s involvement on data post-processing. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure “Control” module allows to create the basic dimensioning of complete 3D model as well as to analyze the cross sections. The latest version of software is added with every scanner without additional charge.

Just like designed for industry MICRON3D green, MICRON3D color has resistant for temperature fluctuations carbon housing and supportive structure. Also, the device is equipped with a dust proof filters that allow you to scan directly on excavations without possibility to damage sensitive interior.

Visit us at booth H-18 on TCT Asia to discover the possibilities of the most advanced device for the most precious artifacts!

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