MICRON3D color 24Mpix has captured Chinese media attention at TCT Asia fair

TCT Asia exhibition in Shanghai attracts professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world every year by providing insights into the latest 3D printing and scanning solutions. Over the years, TCT Asia has become the most important 3D technology fair in Asia. Visitors have a change to see examples of 3D technology applications in industrial, medical, but also preservation and educational environments. Moreover, TCT Asia offers exhibitors the opportunity to present new innovative products.

SMARTTECH at the stand of its Chinese representative, Trustworthy company, presented MICRON3D color 24Mpix, the only 3D scanner with such a high resolution on the market. The 24-megapixel detector gathers 24 million of points described with XYZ coordinates and  RGB color value for each point and creates cloud of points, which describes shape and color of measured object.

Such a high resolution allows researchers to gather accurate data of complicated structures like clothes or other materials that artifacts might be made of. It’s worth to note that MICRON3D color 24Mpix detector is so sensitive that it can easily scan shiny or dark objects without losing true color of scanned surface.

“Such a high resolution made everyone pretty impressed”, said Mr. Greg Gracki, Export Manager at SMARTTECH. “In terms of innovation and professionalism, this year’s TCT Asia fair was truly exceptional”, he adds.

A new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software allows to work with over 200 million points at comfortable 5 frames per second. In addition, the ability to select an automated measurement in STL triangles grid minimizes scanner’s operator involvement in post-processing, which is important in archaeological research and 3D printing. The new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 control module provides the ability to create a complete 3D model and analyze its cross-section.

MICRON3D color 24Mpix aroused the interest of the Chinese media, namely 3D Focus website, part of the state-owned Sandishikong Network platform, which aims to create a bridge between Western and Eastern world of 3D technology. Please read more about 3D Focus under this link for more information. We also encourage to see our pictures from the fair! The gallery is available below.

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