Metrology grade 3D scanning for the most complex quality inspection in Mechanical Equipment Manufacturer „BUMAR-ŁABĘDY”

It’s not easy to make an accurate measurement of a bulky object. That is why Mechanical Equipment Manufacturer “Bumar-Łabędy” has asked SMARTTECH to verify the potential behind optical quality control.

Assembly of military equipment requires the production of high-quality large-scale castings. The production of such a casting consists of many stages of the production process. All are dependent on each other, and the final result of the production determines the competitiveness of the manufactured items.

That is why it is difficult to create a high quality casting without a dimensional inspection. As demonstrated by SMARTTECH, optical metrology system is the ideal tool to use in quality control.

The measurement carried out by SMARTTECH’s MICRON3D green optical measurement system provided a comprehensive amount of data on the performance of the casting product thanks to the green LED light technology, which provides accuracy of 0.09 mm. The device produce precise results, which are incomparable to those gathered by use of conventional measurement methods.

The inspection was done in Geomagic Control software, which allows the user to perform quality inspection of the point cloud. It was done by comparing the CAD reference model with the measurement result. This operation allows to create a color deviation map with geometric tolerance check. By this way it’s very easy to determine whether a given product meets the established quality standards.

It’s worth to note that entire operation was performed extremely fast thanks to factory calibration. It shortens the process of quality control and protects against incorrect configuration that may affect the results.

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