Meet us at RAPID + TCT in USA to see one of the fastest 3D scanner on the market

RAPID + TCT is an additive manufacturing and 3D printing event that showcases product innovations and offers collaborative learning opportunities to ultimately accelerate the adoption and advancement of the technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with exhibitors and explore the future of the industry through interactive experiences, keynotes, and conference presentations from industry leaders.

SMARTTECH will show its latest scanner – SMARTTECH 3D portable 1.3Mpix – designed for rapid measurement and mobility. The device will be presented with the latest version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software.

SMARTTECH 3D portable is the latest portable scanner dedicated not only to the industry but also to the medicine. It features an extremely high accuracy of 0.06mm and an instant scanning time of no more than 0.2 seconds. The device retains all the handiness, as the measurement can be done by holding the scanner in hands or placing it on a tripod.

Mobility is provided by a battery pack when the convenience of use is ensured by a touch screen built into the scanner. Together with the computing unit, allows not only single measurements scanning but also the possibility of combining scans by using geometry based alignment. Intuitive software guides the operator through the entire scanning process, so any metrological expertise is not required.

The measurement method used by the SMARTTECH 3D portable is based on harmless white structured light. It makes possible to use the device in medicine. There is no laser or physical contact involved during the scanning making the device 100% safe for humans.

The professional factory calibration of the SMARTTECH 3D portable is certified by a manufacturer in accordance with the German VDI/VDE 2634 standard. The measurement accuracy can also be confirmed with a certificate by an independent certified measurement laboratory.

A new version of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software allows to work with over  200 million points at comfortable 5 frames per second. In addition, the ability to select an automated measurement in STL triangles grid minimizes scanner’s operator involvement in post-processing. The new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 control module provides the ability to create a complete 3D model and analyze its cross-section.

Would you like to meet us at RAPID + TCT in Pittsburgh, USA, between 9 and 11 of May and see one of the fastest 3D scanner on the market? Please write to Mr. Greg Gracki, SMARTTECH Export Manager who will be available at RAPID + TCT. E-mail address:

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