Formnext will feature the latest developments in additive manufacturing and how they complement and interact with conventional technologies. This will uncover new potential in the entire manufacturing process, from design to serial production. Amongst the exhibitors are the world’s leading manufacturers in additive manufacturing technologies as well as renowned and innovative companies from industrial tooling, materials, mechanical engineering, metrology, prototyping, product processing, accessories and many more. Formnext will, therefore, highlight the next generation of intelligent manufacturing solutions.

3D Scanning with Green LED Light

SMARTTECH will also appear at the forthcoming Formnext with MICRON3D green optical 3D scanner for industry applications. The device uses green LED light technology that increase accuracy up to 30% compared to older methods of measurement using the white light. The professional factory calibration of the MICRON3D green is also certified by a manufacturer in accordance with the German VDI/VDE 2634 standard.

The scanner was designed to work in difficult environment. The reliable housing of the scanner is made of carbon fiber, which guarantees stable and high quality measurements regardless of temperatures changes. The housing is also able to mitigate vibrations thanks to the use of the internal shock absorber system. The protection of the delicate interiors is provided by a filter.

SMARTTECH will be searching for new distributors at Formnext

We are interested in establishing business relationships with new distributors. We would like you to visit us at 3.1-C29 stand at Formnext in Frankfurt between 14th and 17th of November to see our industrial 3D scanner MICRON3D green for yourself. Contact our Export Manager, Greg Gracki, today under the phone: +48 577 775 080 or e-mail:

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