KIMES medical fair was a great success! scan3Dmed improves healthcare quality

The scan3Dmed 5Mpix – the only LED structured light 3D scanner entirely dedicated to body measurement – was presented for the first time at KIMES medical fair, where attendants had the opportunity to identify and confirm the great potential and prospect of the future medical industry as well as the latest medical industry trend.

SMARTTECH at the stand of its Korean representative, KAIS company, unveiled the opportunity to gather accurate data about the shape and color of visible parts of the human body. scan3Dmed 5Mpix aroused a lot of enthusiasm in KIMES visitors.

„Visitors attention exceeded our expectations”, said Mr. Greg Gracki, export manager at SMARTTECH company. “Fairs’ guests were really surprised seeing the scanner capabilities”.

scan3Dmed 5Mpix is very accurate and fast 3D scanner. The scanning process itself is incomparable to traditional methods due differences in data gathering accuracy. The device is able to measure within 0,2 second over 5 million points that represent the scanned surface. The scan3Dmed line is factory calibrated. Therefore, the digital measurement is metrologically approved. The cloud of points that represent the scanned surface has an accuracy of up to 0,06 mm.

Contactless measurement method based on LED structured light guarantees safety. The intuitive software interface allows comfortable work without any sophisticated measurement knowledge from the scanner operator. Moreover helps provide data analysis with full understanding from the doctor’s side as well as the patient’s side. Integrated CPU eliminates the need of having a separated computer to operate the device. 3D scanner has been fully combined with the very fast and efficient processing unit. Thanks to the new multithreaded SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software, data calculation and precise analysis can be done during patient’s single visit.

Application of 3D scanning improves healthcare quality. The result of 3D scanning enables possibility to create a comprehensive digital representation of the patient. Using the panoramically merged results, the doctor can create a virtual model of the body and then do all types of measurements, what can become very helpful during the treatment planning. Other examples shows, that 3D scanning helps with creating a plan of an operation, a detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions or to create a project of prosthesis. 3D scanners can also be used in medical aesthetic.

scan3Dmed 5Mpix showcase at KIMES medical fair was also mentioned by prestigious website Healthcare in Europe published by European Hospital magazine. For 25 years European Hospital has been the voice of European healthcare communication, both with the print edition and the online presence which was introduced ten years ago. Their interviews and reports, editorials and product reviews aim to address the needs of hospital managers, medical and technical directors, senior physicians and nursing managers. You can read more about scan3Dmed 5Mpix on Healthcare in Europe website here. We also encourage to check our photo gallery from KIMES medical fair below!

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