As we all know: to educate is to prepare. Bearing that in mind we take the  responsibility of giving the modern technology to the youth.  3D devices are becoming more common every day. Soon majority of jobs will require at least basic knowledge about 3D scanning and printing. We are honored to be among the companies who will stand on the first line with new technologies development. We treat as our duty to share the experience and knowledge.

One of the SMARTTECH core values is to democratize 3D measurement technologies, and to make them available to the widest number of people possible, with a special focus on the workers of tomorrow – your students. We know that you take your students education to your heart and that your goal is to prepare them to be the very best that they can be once they join the workforce. Besides, todays technology-savvy kids are eager to learn about innovative and cutting edge technologies. SMARTTECH wants to help you keep them engaged and prepare them for the technological world of tomorrow. We came up with an Educator Package, which takes your needs into account, as well as the budget limitations that often come with working in educational institutions. Plus, we have developed free teaching manuals on technical topics such as reverse engineering and quality control, which present a complete overview of the related theory, general concepts and best practices.

Educator package.

For every teaching application we prepare an offer with all necessary equipment and in special price.

For all learning centers, universities and schools we give 3 licenses of our MESH3D software additionally scanner. We also propose special Geomagic offer dedicated to schools.


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