Big Field of View of Structured Light 3D scanner for fire truck design.

BOCAR Automotive Company is a leading European producer of a specialized vehicles for fire fighters. Thanks to almost 30 years of experience the company is successfully challenging new markets by adjusting the vehicles desired by their customers to the fireman requirements. Thanks to the complexity of information provided by SMARTTECH 3D scanning technologies the BOCAR can rapidly perform a new design. The  Company is using scan3D DUAL VOLUME – the most universal 3D scanning solution produced by SMARTTECH. The scanner features two independently working measurement volumes – 800×600 mm with certified accuracy of 0,1 mm and 300×200 mm with 0,04 mm accuracy.

Such created tool allow the user to user the switch between two field of view using a single click in the software moreover the results from two independent volumes can be automatically aligned.

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