Rapid Prototyping & Reverse Engineering

Rapid Prototyping

The basic application of 3d optical scanner is rapid prototyping. This technique allows to create particular documentation of existing object without modelling it in technical, industrial or graphic software.

Reverse Engineering

In production process, 3D scanners enables constructing elements by 3D scanning. It generates full data to create CAD model of the object. With specialized software, such as ; Geomagic, Leios, integrated with SMARTTECH 3D scanners, allows to generate fully compatible data in widely used formats.

Read more about practical application:

Reverse engineering in Mining Industry
Ekoglob company is using SMARTTECH 3D scanner in order to recreate damaged parts.

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Recreating the old casting mould
EDWANEX Company is using the SMARTTECH 3D scanning technologies in order to recreate the old design of casting moulds.

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For Rapid Prototyping & Reverse Engineering applications SMARTTECH offer systems


dual scan3D DUAL VOLUME

blue scan3D Blue

surface scan3D surface

universe scan3D UNIVERSE


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