Automotive industry requires the complex solution from their optical 3D scanner supplier. Starting from engine designing, inspection through external project and interior plan. Doesn’t matter if you participate in trucks, cars , motorcycles, or you do the tuning or you repair the vehicle. Just like your customers require from you full professionalism, you can demand the same from us. We take responsibility of the success of every project you are using our devices.

Properly chosen device and software will upgrade the quality of your job and drastically downgrade the time

Optical method of scanning guarantee the safety, speed, and accuracy of measurement process for: motor

  • Styling, design and reverse engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control and inspection

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3D scanning verifies the high precision of 3D printed elements

Thanks to the cooperation between OMNI3D and SMARTTECH it was possible to conduct quality control of 3D printed elements that was used as final parts in the Hussarya 33 supercar from Arrinera Technology S.A.

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Automotive Industry uses SMARTTECH 3D scanner to build a supercar

The project of the first Polish supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, from the very beginning has been arousing strong emotions and hopes that the Polish automotive industry will come back to its past glory. The production of functioning prototypes that at the same time has to achieve the level of a sports car requires incredible precision and durability. This is when 3D scanner can be helpful.

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Optical Metrology speeds up the engine guard design

Enduro-tech motorcycle accessories use SMARTTECH 3D scanner to capture the complex engine geometry in order to design dedicated shield. Read more…

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3D scanning in order to check the VIN code laser engraving

SMARTTECH 3D scanners are the perfect method to check very shallow laser marks before  applying the specialized wax.


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Combustion Chamber deformation analysis

High accuracy of  SMARTTECH 3D scanners provides high standard results of the dimensioning of combustion chamber at Mahle Factory.

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The making of a firetruck

Bocar Fire Truck use 3D scanning technologies in order to adjust the truck cabin for the firetruck requirement. Read more…

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3D scanning a Car for tuning purposes

See how 3D scanning helps to obtain the information about the freefrom geometry in automotive industry to redesign a car body. Read more…


Watch the video about 3D printing and 3D scanning of Hussarya 33 car part

Watch the video about preparing the 3D model of a car

For automotive applications SMARTTECH offer systems:


dual scan3D DUAL VOLUME

surface scan3D surface

qualify scan3D qualify

universe scan3D UNIVERSE

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