The aviation industry is one of the most demanding part of industrial market. Zero tolerance for any errors allows aircraft companies to guarantee safety and comfort. Understanding their demands we offer solutions verifying their strict demands.

  • Quality control and surface inspection
  • Turbine blades inspections
  • Aerodynamics
  • Engine Parts


Our scanners dedicated for industry together with Geomagic modules are complex solution for aircraft workshops. Such way not only speeds up the work but also allows to downgrade the costs.

Thanks to powerful LED structural light we are able to provide measurement in factory.

High resolution detectors allows to reflect even the most complicated and detailed object.

Read more about practical application:

3D scanning technologies at MTU Jet Engine Factory
The geometry of a jet engine is might be impossible to gather using traditional methods. Using structured light 3D scanner it’s the most accurate and complex measurement method. Read more…

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Reinventing the 1950 rotor.
SMARTTECH technologies help Ventur Industries to recreate the old airflow systems. Read more…


Scientific Report: Aviation Can Benefit from 3D Scanning
Warsaw University of Technology has conducted a research about application of 3D scanners in aviation. As research shows, aircraft manufacturers can benefit from using optical measurement systems by acquiring new methods to perform measurement, reverse engineering and quality control. Read more…

For aerospace applications SMARTTECH offer systems


dual scan3D DUAL VOLUME

qualify scan3D qualify

surface scan3D surface

The article below presents the process of computer reconstruction of the real object geometry as a plane model for flatter research, with use of Reverse Engineering method and advanced tools of 3d surface modeling.

Authors show the different stages of data receiving using 3d optical scanner and the process of data processing. Then they discuss the reconstruction process of transforming the geometry of the measured data (cloud of points) on a three-dimensional computer model NURBS compatible with CAD systems.

At the end they assess the accuracy of the reconstructed geometric model.


Download section:

pdfDevelopment of CAD computer geometry of an aircraft model

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