3D scanning application to adjust truck body for firetruck.

3D scanning decreases time remodeling in CAD. It’s a perfect application for complex and big sized objects like car bodies or trucks that will be adjusted to specialized application like ambulances or fire brigade car.
Traditional methods would be insufficient and long. Analysis of 3D Data, allows to create a complex CAD of scanned object within few hours.
3D scanning of a truck can be done rapidly and accurately.
In this particular example we used scan3D Dual Volume – this model has two independent measurement volumes. That allows to scan large parts rapidly and details using more accurate, smaller field of view. Thanks to markers – particular scans were merged automatically what declines the time spent on post-processing.
White antiglare agent makes the result more reliable, and can be easily removed by brush or water without possibility to damage the car.
Gathered 3D data was exported to appropriate software dedicated for CAD modelling. We used 3D Systems Design X – that easily handles very huge (over 300 milions ) point clouds.
Created CAD model can be further adjusted to specific firetruck requirements.

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