INDUSTRYIndustry – One of the basic 3D scanner application is Rapid Prototyping. That technique is based on creating digital documentation of existing object without modeling in engineering or graphic software.

MUSEOLOGYMuseology and Archeology – Highest resolution on the market, the best accuracy texture scanning and non-contact measurement makes SMARTTECH 3D’s scanners as an ideal tool for heritage preservation and museum purposes.

3d-educationEducation – SMARTTECH has a special offer for education! Our scanners were created by scientists at Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska), as a result of that we have a long tradition to cooperate with education.

MEDICYNEMedicine – 3D scanning has wide use in medicine. It provides non-contact human body measurement to analyze the proper posture and also for prosthetics and plastic surgery purposes.

ania_i_maxMultimedia – Another application for 3D scanning, except metrology and engineering support. Replaces object modeling process in graphic software.

MULTI2Artistic Design – Handmade sculpture created by an artist or designer can be scanned and replicated. The result of scanning can be saved as a CAD model. This 3D data can be used with CNC machines or 3D printers.

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