“3D technology for Industry and Education” – Conference Summary

Innovative use of 3D printers and scanners, the potential for reverse engineering and quality control, and the latest features of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software. These are just some of the topics discussed during “3D technology for Industry and Education” conference organized by Canon Polska and SMARTTECH.

“The combination of the functionality of scanning and 3D printing gives a practical possibility for application of these innovative technologies in the industry. We are pleased that the conference participants were mainly knowledgeable representatives of various industries. We feel that the Polish industry and other sectors of the market can function more efficiently and cheaper thanks to the 3D technology” – said Rafał Osiekowicz from Canon Polska.

During conference experts from Canon and SMARTTECH held lectures about 3D technologies. Cezary Dłutowski, Technical Support Specialist at SMARTTECH, described new functions of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software. In his speech Mr. Dłutowski stressed about multithreaded processing of the measurement results and the use of the latest features of the software.

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 allows to scan items by using a rotary stage and positioning markers. In addition, the software is capable of measuring dark objects. The applications of 3D scanning technology in the process of reverse engineering and quality control has been discussed by Marcin Lewandowski, Head of Measurement & Application Department at SMARTTECH, and Adam Rajch, SMARTTECH Software developer. They presented applications of 3D scanning in precise reproductions of tools and machine parts.

Jacek Korzeniowski, 3D Printing Expert from Canon Polska, described the potential use of 3D printers in the production and service companies. It’s also worth to note that Canon has been distributing 3D Systems on the European market for a few years. 3D Systems is US manufacturer and world leading company in incremental printing. Company devices works in MPJ, CJP and SLA technologies. Canon is also official distributor of 3D Systems in Poland. Thanks to this fact, Canon become one of the leading providers of advanced solutions for incremental printing professionals.

One of the newest response to market demand is the ProJet 2500 Plus 3D printer. The device is economical solution that preserves the quality and accuracy, which were previously available only to larger machines that use MJP technology. By using MJP technology ProJet 2500 Plus is perfect solution for creating advanced tools, parts and prototyping.

To keep up the momentum, Canon and SMARTTECH would like to invite for another conference about 3D printing and scanning applications. This time the conference will focus on use 3D technologies in archaeology, museums and medicine.

The event will be held this year at 26 April. Stay in touch! More information soon.

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