“3D technologies for industry and education” – a conference summary

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The conference “3D technologies for industry and education” was a great success. During the event, participants learned about the use of professional 3D scanners and printers in education and industry. Participants could also get acquainted with expert opinions on 3D technology and other measurement systems.

SMARTTECH’s specialists presented the technology, principles of optical measurement operation and SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2018 software to the participants. M.Sc. Eng. Marcin Lewandowski, presenting, among others a case study of the 3D print quality control verification of the Hussarya 33 supercar front light and SMARTTECH Position Control – a dedicated SMARTTECH solution for the optical inspection of very large objects directly on the industrial line.

However, 3D technologies are not only industry but also education. The topic was presented by Msc. Agata Pietrzak, head of the Polish sales department. Optical 3D scanners are implemented in educational units in Poland and around the world. It is worth mentioning here, for example, the Institute of Archeology of the University of Warsaw or the Malaysian-Japanese Higher Technical School in Kuala Lumpur.

The issue of 3D printing in education and industry was brought closer by 3D Phoenix, demonstrating examples of its own implementations and applications. Particularly noteworthy was the machine park presented by 3D Phoenix, where conference guests could see Zortrax, ZMorph and Markforged 3D printers live.

MSc. Robert Kaczmarczyk presented the measurement technology of Nikon Metrology and the practical application of computer tomographs. The topic was continued during the Expert Panel also by MSc. Tomasz Kowaluk, describing in detail the factors affecting the accuracy of 3D measurements on the example of computer tomographs.

The expert panel gained a special popularity. Participants with intriguing heard a lecture by doctor Przemysław Siemiński from the Warsaw University of Technology talking about the practical application of technology in 3D in surgery. Doctor Siemiński described how doctors use measurement methods and 3D printouts to prepare, for example, a model of the mandible with information on future incisions. As a result, they are able to comprehensively prepare for surgery and predict potential complications.

The lecture by Major Robert Paszkowski from the Military University of Technology aroused no less interest. He talked about the use of the MICRON3D green optical measuring system in solutions dedicated to the army. SMARTTECH 3D technologies help, among other things, create personalized gun holders for each soldier.

At the end of the conference, Kamelia Duczmal from 3YOURMIND told about the use of IT systems in 3D printing, specifically about software used to analyze production in order to verify in which areas the implementation of 3D printing could bring big savings.

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