3D scanning technologies of SMARTTECH presented in Lepizig on MUTEC 2016

Museum and archeological sector, require constant preservation technology development. Storing and archiving the masterpieces, new ways of presentations to wider audience, as well as researches on national heritage, are just a few of the modern museums demands. The MUTEC Fairs is one of those events, where are presented all answers on this requirements . During the exhibition all visitors are introduced to the latest technologies focused on museum, preservation, storage and exhibition.

The adaptation of the latest industrial solutions to the museum sectors must be provided in sufficient and reliable way. Facing the demands of the new customers, SMARTTECH Company have created the 3D scanning device specially designed to digitize the national heritage artifats. The 24 Mpix 3D scanner MICRON3D 24Mpix color, it the 3D scanner with the highest resolution available on the market. Carbon cover and the changeable dustproof filters makes this device the most sufficient for accurate measurement even in unfavorable conditions on excavations. During fairs in Lepzig, the 3D scanner was presented by the Rosenberger Data – the newest SMARTTECH Distributor in Germany. The device aroused visitors interest with it’s 3D scanning results and possibilities.


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