3D scanning of the painting for the purpose of performing a measurement of deformations of the wooden panel painting support.

obrazThe faculty of wood technologies on Warsaw Academy of Life Science is using SMARTTECH 3D scanning technologies in order to inspect the impact of humidity on painting wooden frames. What cannot be seen with an eye can be easily recognized by complex 3D scan data comparison.

Thanks to the highest resolution on the market provided in SMARTTECH MICRON 24Mpix  3D scanner the scientist could monitor the smallest differencesobraz_kontrola_jakosci of the painting stored in humid conditions.

Studies conducted by SMARTTECH have shown that exposing the painting to high humidity causes the panel painting support to deform. Using the 3D scanner, allowed for a precise documentation of manifested changes. The cross-sections and deviation color map clearly show how the geometry of the examined object changes. The most apparent changes occurred at the edges and in the central part of the painting. The panel painting support significantly flattened due to the exposure to high humidity which is clearly shown thanks to the measurements performed using the SMARTTECH 3D scanner and the professional software, Geomagic Control. The application of structured-light 3D scanners is a non-contact, and an entirely safe, method for the documented object.

The use of the latest technological solution, MICRON3D color 24 MPix, allows for the documentation of even the smallest details and changes formed on the measured object. The sampling density of the point cloud equating to over 400 points per mm 2 can illustrate the differences in paint layer thickness in different parts of the painting or track the traces of brushwork. As a result, it is possible to determine brushstrokes characteristic for a particular artist, which can be useful in determining the authenticity of the work.

Professional 3D scanners are becoming a tool increasingly used by museum curators and archaeologists. As a solution used during the process of preservation it enables them to uncover in the virtual space all of the damages and deformities. Re-measurement of the object after restoration allows us to trace the scope of the work conducted by the conservator and show which parts of the work of art were changed.


Read the full story here to see how SMARTTECH 3D scanner perform the highest quality colorful 3D scans:

pdf3D Scanning of the painting for the purpose of performing a measurement of deformations of the wooden panel painting support

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