SMARTTECH 3D portable

3d scannerSMARTTECH 3D portable is ultra-fast 3D scanner, which combining the best features of handheld and stationary measurement devices. It’s not only portable but also performs instant color measurements with certified accuracy.

Certified accuracy for industry

Measurement solutions used for inventory of production lines do not provide enough mobility. In the same time 3D handheld scanners do not guarantee the precision needed in the industry. SMARTTECH 3D portable combine mobility with metrologically-certified accuracy. It can be used in production hall for rapid scanning of technical infrastructure. The on-site measurement result can be verified by a built-in processor unit and touch screen.

High accuracy also allows you to measure machine parts and repair damaged parts of production line. After noticing the exhaustion, the production line doesn’t need to be stopped for more than a few minutes. 3D scanner operator can scan the defective part, manufacture it on the basis of the 3D model and then repair it. There are also no objections to using SMARTTECH 3D portable to acquire object geometry, for example car body, directly in the workshop.

Ultra-fast measurement in medicine

SMARTTECH 3D portable can be also used directly in the doctor’s office to scan the face and other parts of the patient’s body. The duration of a single measurement does not exceed 0.2 seconds, allowing to quickly prepare a precise virtual patient model.

Color measurement also allows to keep information about skin lesions. This is particularly useful for verifying whether the treatment is effective. Measurements allows to track the size of the wound and estimate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Portability for Criminology

Recreation of the crime scene through spatial scans provides investigators with plenty hard to obtain data. Traditional documentation methods are imprecise and do not contain all the metric information such as depth.

SMARTTECH 3D portable can be transported in a single suitcase, so it can be quickly moved to a crime scene. The battery and convenient handles allow to easy set up the 3D scanner. Difficult spaces are also not a problem as there is no need to set up a tripod.

Photorealistic color in archaeology

Perpetual archiving requires a 3D scanner capable of capturing measurements with color. SMARTTECH 3D portable allows you to create an object that can be archived and placed in a virtual museum. With a portable 3D scanner there is also the possibility of preserving the environment around the archaeological research station. Using this method of archiving gives quick results in a short time and is incomparably more accurate than, for example, taking pictures.

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