ScanBright mini

Fully compact 3D scanner for the most precise 3D scanning of small objects

ScanBright mini 3D scanner is the best solution for high resolution 3D scanning of small objects. That system provide for fast and immediately scanning and generate accurate 3D models without specialist technical knowledge. ScanBright mini was an answer to market request for precise and professional 3D scanners with intuitive operate.


FULL AUTOMATED SCANNING PROCESS – The use of advance result analyze algorithms at all paths of processing, provide to optimal results even user beginners and make our system faster .

INDEPENDENCE FROM EXTERNAL CONDITIONS- Close cover enables for make undisturbed measure, even in bright room. Whole measure system is hidden in compact and durable cover, protecting from external light at measuring.

COMPACT AND MOBILE – Whole system fit in to handy and compact case. You can set the system at any desk with professional mobile work station (optional).

2zloHIGH ACCURANCY AND RESOLUTION – With high resolution detector and fully automatic scanning process at rotate table, user can freely improve their results with sampling to 1000 points/mm2.

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