scan3d Multimedia

scan3D_multimediaScanner created for visualization and multimedia.

Scan3D multimedia enables for generating real models, even very difficult objects with complicated surface in short time and texture scanning in the same time. ULTRA-FAST scanning function ( 2 seconds of scanning) provide for scanning objects like human body, plants, clothes, etc.

You can increase your work efficiency by using Auto-measure option with our numeric auto-rotate table which make scanning simply and fully automate. Whole system can work at common class PC.

Results of 3D scanning can be saved in full compatible file formats, which can be open by any popular graphic software (Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender etc.).

Technical specification

Scanning Technology Structural White Light
Detector resolution 10; 5; 2 Mpix
Measuring field [mm2] 150×200 – 1200×1600
Distance between points [mm] 0,04 – 0,70
Sampling rate [points/mm2] 1 – 600
Nuber of points from one scan 2 – 10 milions
Texture scanning n/a
Time of scanning 1 – 5 sec

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