ag_medScanner is closed in solid steel white cover that fits it’s medical application. 3D scanner in opposite to other SMARTTECH 3D scanners sccan3Dmed can be  mounted on side that allows to adjust the Field of view to the measured body surface.
It has comfortable handle to carry it.
scan3Dmed weight 9kg with cables and case so it can be easily carried to any destination just like typical  suitcase.

Technical data & Software

New product line allows to capture shape and color os scanned surface within 0.7 second.
This  short time can be achieved thanks to implemented photodiode that captures the moment of fringes projection and activates the camera to capture the frame.
0,7 sec can be easily compared to a time which is necessary to collect the data using XRAY.
Every point is described with XYZ  coordinates as well as RGB color. Accuracy just like in all SMARTTECH 3D scanners can be additionally certified by the independent measurement laboratory.
Moreover 3D scanner has been calibrated not only using typical dots  on calibration plate but also adjusted to the appropriate white balance using color pattern.
Therefore it’s possible to recognize discolouration of skin defects  described by the points in cloud.SMARTTECH_med_1


Picture show the skin defects like keloids and eczema that can be easily distinguished due to visible pus under skin in eczema – visible white dot under the skin in the middle of the picture has 0,5mm2
3D scanner can be connected to standard 220/230V electrical socket (standard type is “C,E,F” – but you can easily use your local adapter )for other 110 you must use transformer.


scan3Dmed is equipped with the latest s3Dm software.  Lets explain in an example what we can do and how easy we can deal with following example of calculating surface of skin defect:


scan3Dmed configurations:

As I mentioned before scan3Dmed can be offered in 4 different Measurement volume options.SMARTTECH_scan3Dmedx2m
The technical data that distinguish them was explained on the first page.
What is very important scan3Dmed can be integrated with another 3D scanning unit (up to 5 3D scanners) that allows to take scans from 5 different directions and present aligned results on a single computer. Thus the user can create complex virtual patient that presents all visible surfaces.
Of course in case of purchase of integrated 3D scanners there would be additional discount applied.
3D scans are aligned according to a ball-bar that is supplied with the 3D scanners set.
Calibration is done only once and does not have to be repeated if scanners where not moved.

Technology is completely safe – it uses white structured light. Moreover it’s completely touch less, there’s no discomfort feeling during measurement.
All analysis can  be done using scan data. There’s no need of patient presence except this second to take the scan.  Therefore patient can fell more comfortable. He will also look at the clinic as a place where they step out with the most advanced research technologies.
Acquired results are referential and accurate – definitely much more than using traditional method.
There’s no dangerous radiation, scan3Dmed user can be always present during all measurements.

For who:


SMARTTECH_scan3Dmed_skan_szczekaThe latest generation of scan3D® is a complex digital solution dedicated to achieve accurate and colorful representation of a scanned body. The 3D scanner operates in a very safe measurement technology using white structured-light which allows  the scanned person to feel comfortable and at ease during the process.
The result of the 3D scanning enables us to do, for example, a quick plan of an operation, a detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions, a project of prosthesis or to create a visualisation. Using the panoramically merged results we can create a virtual model of the body enabling us to do all types of measurements and become very helpful during the treatment planning.

SMARTTECH_scan3Dmed_wymiarowanieSecurity and Identification

The 3D scanning technology can be also used in the security sector. New methods of identification based on the characteristic shape of body parts are now possible thanks to the colorfull and accurate data provided by a 3D measurement. Using a 3D scanner we are able to create a digital archive of suspects, which will not only ease the identification but also allow us to simulate the changes in appearance.

Computer graphics

SMARTTECH_scan3Dmed_skanmThe 3D scanner scan3D med, beyond just the medical application, can be also successfully used by CG artists. A color triangle mesh that shows the scanned model can be easily achieved within a few minutes, allowing graphic designers to focus on the  animation and creating the environment.
The resulting point cloud can be freely processed depending on the application. All points in the cloud represent the surface of a scanned body with X, Y, Z coordinates and RGB color. This data can be easily transformed to a triangle mesh and saved in an OBJ file format, including the mapped texture.

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Movie presents possibility of 3D scanners to measure the human body


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