scan3D qualify

We kindly inform that production of scan3D qualify model has been finished on 01.01.2019.
This model has been replaced with new generation compact 3d scanner – SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE.
We offer great deals to clients who are willing to upgrade to new model.

scan3D_qualify3D Scanner integrated with Geomagic Control software

Complex solution for quality control and inspection:

Compare your 3D object model with CAD model (statistic, colorfull map of devotion),
Create 2D cross-sections in any position and dimension your model,
Inspection of geometric tolerance,
Generating automatic 3D PDF reports.

High density of measuring surface (to 160 points/mm2) and precise measure (precise to 30μm) provide to make the most accurate inspections. Using the highest class inspection software – Geomagic Control – allows you to  generate automatic reports and control dimension in specified tolerance (pass/fail).
Our systems have special certificates that confirms accurancy of our 3D scanners granted by accredited measurement laboratory.

Technical specification:

Scanning Technology Structural White Light
Detector resolution 10; 5; 2 Mpix
Measuring field [mm2] 150×200 – 1200×1600
Distance between points [mm] 0,04 – 0,40
Sampling rate [points/mm2] 5 – 330
Nuber of points from one scan 2 – 10 milions
Texture scanning +
Time of scanning 1 – 10 sec

Download section:

pdf scan3D qualify – brochure

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